Stopbanking Te Waihora margins

Year proposed



  Not implemented

Location description

  Lake Ellesmere-Te Waihora marginal land areas

Description of option

  The protection of marginal land around the lake shoreline against high lake levels and wind set-up by constructing stopbanks (in conjunction with the construction of a piped lake outfall structure).

Opening, closing, and lake level control description

  To be used in conjunction with lake opening methods, to protect low-lying land suceptible to wind set-up and high lake levels.

Maximum discharge

  below 50 cumecs

Maintenance/Management description


Cost description

  Pump stations would be required at a number of locations to remove catchment and seepage water.

Costs and options described in Morris & Wilson (1981) are given in Cost data attachment above. Costs for stopbanks range from $5.5 to $6.8 million (1981).

Fish passage benefit rating


Potential running impacts or benefits

  Increased productivity of protected land is likely although there may be some seepage issues.