Open channel to Lake Forsyth then pier/mole outlet to sea

Year proposed



  Not implemented

Location description

  Kaituna end of Lake Ellesmere to Lake Forsyth then an opening from Lake Forsyth to the sea.

Description of option

  A canal from Lake Ellesmere to Lake Forsyth was proposed, with a permanent pier outlet structure from Lake Forsyth out into the sea. See designs/drawings attachment for more detailed description.

Opening, closing, and lake level control description

  Allows continuous discharge.  Requires a higher lake level to obtain suitable hydraulic gradient to Lake Forsyth.

Maximum discharge

Maintenance/Management description

Cost description

  1878 provisional cost: Lake Forsyth outlet pier structure + 230 chains of canal = c. 160,000 pounds

Fish passage benefit rating


Potential running impacts or benefits

  Te Waihora water would assist in maintaining opening. Construction of 4km canal could provide opportunity to develop

rowing course. However, less opportunity to maintain saltwater intrusion in Te Waihora (Gibbs & Norton, 2012).